Writing for numerous publication on topics ranging from barn safety to grooming tips, Susan Friend LeTourneur is an accomplished author. Susan is currently compiling her years of riding, teaching and horse handling experiences into a book.  She is also available for freelance assignments.

You can find articles by Susan Friend LeTourneur in the 2011 Horses USA magazine as well as numerous editions of Horse Illustrated.  Check out these articles:

November 2012: Think outside the box: Making dressage fun

September 2012: Get Moving: Three exercises to wake up the lazy horse

July 2012: Show Ring Secrets: Learning to Braid and Prepare for a show

November 2011: Custom Cut: Alternatives to a full body clip

July 2011: What's the Rush? Teach your horse to slow down when jumping

March 2011: The Organized Horse Keeper:  How to organize and what to do in case of an emergency at the barn

February 2011: Building Balance: learn the difference between three-point and two-point position.

August 2010: Groom like a pro: seven tips to transform your horse!

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Here's a poem by Susan Friend LeTourneur that is kept in her tack room:

Prepare for the Worst. Ride for the Best.
This is your life; this is not a test!
Smile often; laugh out loud.
Be Joyous and caring; of yourself be proud!
Stay positive: smile!
Think first and enjoy the miles.
Pat yourself on the back for a job well-done;
Don't dwell on the past mistakes,
and most of all: HAVE FUN!
Stretch tall, sink deep
Be bold,  Ride tough!
Keep kicking when things get rough!
Winner triumph!
Losers mope,
Dreamers are stagnant...
Never lose hope!