Susan Friend Wins Blue Ribbon

Goldspirit Farm strives to meet every need of the horse and rider.

Complete care and training is available. Turnout, hand-walking, bandaging and medicating, lay-up, rehabilitation, training: all available to ensure the well-being of the horse. Susan is open to suggestions, quick to fix anything in need of repair, and is always working to keep Goldspirit Farm pristine, safe, peaceful and beautiful.

Boarding Rates

Boarding includes feeding of oat and/or alfalfa hay in morning and evening as well as stall cleaning in the morning.  We add shavings once a week.  All stalls have automatic waterers, salt blocks, and fly sprayers.

12' x 12' Box Stall $485 per month
12' x 24' In and Out $520 per month
12' x 18' Covered Pipe Corral $485 per month
Overnight / Daily Board $20 per day

Additional Services

Blanketing, Supplements or Medication
daily $2
daily / monthly rate $40

daily $5
2 times / week - monthly rate $30
3 times / week - monthly rate $40
4 times / week - monthly rate $50
5 times / week - monthly rate $60
6 times / week - monthly rate $70
7 times / week - monthly rate $80

Body Clipping $90-$140
Show Clip $50
Mane Pull $35
Braiding $40
Braiding Clinic $65-$95

Assistance and tidbits of info are always free for the asking and often given without warning!